Uber Phone Number: Shortcuts & Tips

Uber फोन नंबर

Uber doesn't have a phone number. You have to search their customer help forums.
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Update account information
What do I do if Uber will not accept my zip code?, How do I change the email address on my account?, How do I change the rating I gave for an Uber driver?, How do I change my name in the partner app?, How do I change my credit card on my Uber account?, How do I update my personal information on my Uber app?, How do I switch which cities I can drive in with Uber?, What do I do if my email is being used by an Uber account?, How do I update my car information for the Uber partner app?
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Technical support
What do I do if I try to scan my credit card with my Uber..., Can Uber drivers get on military bases?, What do I do if my Uber account is not working?, When I sign into my account on the app it says "Network Error"., Do I need NY state inspection before my TLC inspection?, When will Uber come to my city?, How do I find out where the Uber driver took the rider on..., How do I get back a hacked Uber account?, How do I create a gift certificate for people who do not..., How do I stop receiving text messages from Uber?, What kind of insurance do I need?, What are the requirements for an Uber Black car?, What does the background check look at?, Where do I download the Uber Driver app?, How do I use the Uber app on a Windows phone?
24 Popular Issues
Overcharge/Strange charge
How do I dispute an Uber charge?, How do I notify Uber about an incorrect or strange charge?, How do I pay an outstanding balance on Uber?
52 Popular Issues
Account access
What do I do if my Uber number is already in use when I n..., Why is my Uber account inactive when signing up to be a driver?, Why does my account say disabled?, Why isn't my Uber app working? Was I suspended?, How do I reset my Uber password?, What do I do if I can't remember my old email on my Uber..., How do I reset my Uber Partner password?, How do I sign up for Uber?
28 Popular Issues

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